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The New Year Begins with a Bang

By Lindsay James @leavelindzalone

Hello 2015,

You haven’t gotten off to too bad of a start this year. At least I’m not complaining about it yet!

Already, things have been quite busy. This past week has been an overhaul of all of our home tech. Computers cleaned up, dying storage hard drives replaced, computers repaired… It has definitely been productive. And to think, it all started by accident!

My mom brought over one of her laptops saying it was running slow, adding if we could refresh it a bit, get it running better. Jay looked at it, being great with that kind of stuff, and discovered the hard drive was dying. He first aided it, and was able to save it for the time being. In the meantime, we discovered that one of our own hard drives was on the brink of death. This turned into a frenzy of backing up data and the like (which is never a bad thing)!

So our ailing hard drive was replaced, and my mom’s computer saved. That left our own computers. We have several in the house, as it is kind of a hobby of Jay’s. It’s convenient when weeks like this happen. Jay installed a Windows 10 preview on a netbook (it’s pretty nice!), dual booted the other with Android, and cleaned up the desktop on his main computer. Awesome, right!? And then there was mine…

There have been storage concerns with my computer for awhile, and it has been running progressively more sluggish over the last while. These storage issues were to the extent of not being able to figure our where approximately 100GB of my used storage was being used! It’s a treat though because you see, my computer is a Macbook Pro running Windows. It has been dual booted with Mac OS X and Windows for the last three years because Mac OS X and I had some disagreements… Several in fact. Anyway, my computer got a complete refresh. Fresh install of Mac OS and fresh install of Windows. It’s running quite nicely now…and guess what! No more storage issues! Turns out a few other things were broken as well…minor things like my headphone jack not lighting up like it’s supposed to, and my Bluetooth not working. These were things I didn’t even know were broken. But they are working now, and my computer is running quite nicely. It will be ready for some blogging in no time (yes, I’m writing this from the app on my phone). I already miss blogging from my PC!

So how’s that for a fresh start in the new year? Our computers our all working as they should again!

I should also add that after a very warm and green Christmas, the winter weather has arrived. Time to bundle up!

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