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First New Food

By Lindsay James @leavelindzalone

Valentine’s Day weekend was an eventful weekend for the 30 Before 30 list. I was able to cross a few things off.  Trying a new food was one of those things.

On the Saturday morning, I tried an “El Diablo” hot chocolate from the Fire Roasted Coffee Company. It’s a hot chocolate made from their own homemade 75% dark chocolate, steamed milk, chili pepper and whipped cream. It is also topped off with red pepper flakes. It had a very unique flavor and while I can’t say I hated it, I didn’t love it either. I’m not sure I would get it again. I’ve wanted to try it for awhile, and now I can say I have at the very least.


The presentation of the drink was quite lovely though and I definitely liked looking at it while working up the courage to drink it. I wonder what my next new food will be. There are only four more to go!

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