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The Negotiation Mentality

Posted on the 14 February 2013 by Tainted Angels @David_Torres_74

The Negotiation Mentality

In this post, we present Tony Torres; one of the creative minds and disabilities rights activists from eclécticO Int. Inc., a non-profit organization based in Puerto Rico. Tony introduces his method and mentality when it comes to negotiating any of his proposals and contracts. Throughout his life, Tony has been bombarded with obstacles from his disability “Spinal Bifida” and other physical complications.The Negotiation Mentality
Been part of eclécticO Int. Inc., Tony shares some duties with the rest of the members of the organization. Some of his duties include teaching, creating, administrating, coordinating and presentation of negotiations. Great part of the organization’s schedules, classes, shows and contracts are also included in his responsibilities. Tony reveals the secret of his mindset before and during the negotiation process from how he separates the people from the problems, the mutual benefits for both parties thanks to his usage of objective criterion and critical leverage.
When Tony prepares for a negotiation, he immediately separates the people from the problem in question as he does everyday when dealing with his daily routines. Tony visualizes the reward for his efforts and over looks his disability. Thanks to this mentality, Tony can see past the people and concentrate completely on the subject in negotiation.The Negotiation Mentality
Being disabled throughout his life, Tony has the capability to automatically visualize mutual benefits for both parties in the negotiation, giving them a great view of increasing revenue, publicity, and a higher admiration from society. All of these are given, if they agree with the negotiation proposals and accessibility planning for disabled people in their venues and or schools.

During Tony’s journey in the negotiation period, he sees all the possibilities of his opponents’ choices and his objective criterion as well. He has the capability to read the opponents’ mentality and judgmental view instantly as they look at his disability and not his knowledge and capabilities to manage a higher level negotiation. Tony can automatically pull his objective criterion, as they never suspect of his knowledge of disability and discrimination laws. He uses these as objectives and leverage as part of his tactic for a successful negotiation.

If you want to know more about Tony Torres and eclécticO Int. Inc., you can contact them at (787)  528-1857 or visit them at www.eclecticointernacional.org.

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