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The Must Try Food Across the Globe.

By Smartgirltravel @SmartGirlTravel


We all love food! Despite all the reasons to travel, food remains a great one. While visiting a country, taking a bit in the most unique foods is a must. Some food can be found only in some countries. Even if there is global culture nowadays, the aroma, essence, flavor and culture of food can be found only in the original country where the food has been found. Delicious foods have taken over television shows, blogs, magazines, and even online games. Take Cutie Fruits, Cash Diner and Fruit Factory for instance!  

Enjoy the colourful cute looking fruits on a 5×5 grid, on the game Cutie Fruits. Plums, oranges, Pears, Lemons, Strawberries, Blueberries and apples symbols can be found on this game. You move upwards the 24 levels across 5 different worlds. Ever fancied the American Diner? The game Cash Diner will amaze you with milkshake, ice cream, cheese burger, fries, symbols that will make you feel hungry. Packed with the wild symbol represented by the Cash Diner logo, this game will take you back in the days. Juicy wins await you on the game The Fruit Factory. On this game, you will be seeing fruits again. Wild substitution, Reel Runner, Bonus round and a unique Super game mode are the features you will discover.

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Now, take your travel diaries and pen down the foods that you must try once in a lifetime!

Argentina’s Asado- Asado is one of the most famous food, and part of Argentina’s culture. This kind of meat is of high quality and is finely cut. This food consists of beef along with other meats, which are grilled on an open fire.

China’s Jiaozi- China, being a large country, is divided in many provinces. Stews, filled breads, hot noodle soups, roasted ducks, chicken and mushroom with Oyster sauce and dim sum are the foods that you will find in China. However, one of the most delicious food you can taste in China is the Jiaozi, also known as the traditional dumplings. Filled with mince and veggies, with sesame oil or with vegetable only, the Jiaozi is a much appreciated food.

Ethiopia’s Mahaberawi- Mahaberawi, is the mixture of a variety of Ethiopian dishes in a single meal. It is a mixed platter of freshly prepared dishes. Normally it includes chickpea flour curry, lentils stew, beef stew, tomato salad and other famous food. All those dishes are normally served on top of a bed of injera- a spongy pancake made of flour.

France’s Escargot- You guessed it right! Escargots are indeed snails. Doused in garlic herb butter, escargots taste amazing. It is normally served in shells, on the France’s restaurants. Despite being a little sticky and rubbery, it has a good taste that makes you want to eat more than one!

Malaysia’s Cendol-  And finally a desert worth trying! The Cendol, widely known for its sweet taste, can be found in Malaysia. Prepared with coconut milk, green rice flower jellies, palm sugar and shaved ice, the Cendol is a refreshing treat.

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