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The Multifaceted World Literary Cafe!

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
I joined the World Literary Cafe back in Fall of 2011. This community of readers, writers, bloggers and mentors spans the globe and all walks of life. When I put an ad in offering copy editing services, I did my first international copy editing by going over a novel by an Italian journalist. Through my ad offering copy editing services in the Author Toolbox, I also met my great friend and business partner publisher Theresa Oliver who publishes paranormal romance books. Her website is:
When my time travel comedy, Jan of Cleveland was first released in December of 2011, I received a lot of attention when I entered my book in the WLC New Release Promotion. I also had my leading man, Ethelred Fortescue, be the star of the Charcter Interview and still re-read it from time to time.
The World Literary Cafe has a big presence on Twitter. The handle is: @WorldLitCafe
Do you Tweet? The WLC has Tweet Teams for small groups authors to encourage cross promotion. The WLC site has a traning video for the Tweet Teams, you can join more than one team and you can even join a faith-based team. Click here for details:
 If you are a blogger and your blog has anything to do with writers, books, book reviews or any literary genre, you're in luck.  The Author-Blogger Connection is a forum where you can seek guest bloggers, authors to interview, books to review and so on.
WLC doesn't stop there. If you want to talk books, post a 3+ star book review or promote your book by offering it for free for a while, this is the place to be:
If you want to take some classes and learn the ropes of self-publishing, you can visit author and web host, Melissa Foster's other site: Fostering Success:
Even if you're not an author, but love to read, WLC can keep you abreast of new releases or you can sign up for the Read and Review program. Link for reader opportunities:
Come and visit World Literary Cafe on Facebook, too:

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