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The Multi-Tasking Monster

By Thebusinessgypsy @businessgypsy

Multitasking Monster
Being a Business Gypsy, I use my many talents and educational background to pursue many fields of business, commerce and causes. Many people ask me how I accomplish all of these things without over working myself or getting caught up in the stress of trying to start and finish many avenues of business. The secret to being able to juggle so many interests and accomplish those goals is to multitask, but multitask the smart way. Follow the Multi-Tasking Monster Guidelines to Multitasking and you will be on your way to finishing before deadlines, starting multiple businesses and meeting your goals.


Many people find themselves stressed while trying to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time. The key to not getting stressed is to breathe. Many people find themselves in a tizzy over accomplishing things, that they tense up and forget to breathe. If you start to feel overwhelmed by the numerous tasks you are trying to accomplish, just put everything down, sit back in your chair and take 10 deep breaths with your eyes closed, concentrating your thoughts on your diaphragm. Once you are done, open your eyes and think positively. You will feel relaxed and be in a calm state, which will help you to continue to multi-task efficiently.

Take a Break Already

Work breaks are also very important to being able to multi-task your many businesses, projects, and hobbies. Instead of trying to accomplish 1 thing from one business, another thing from one of your hobbies, and something from another business all at the same time, focus on one aspect for your life for about 1-3 hours and then take a break to refresh yourself. I am not talking about stop working and go surf Facebook. Once you are done with a task, get up from your computer and take a 15 minute break to recharge your multitasking batteries. Once you take that break, you will feel energized to take on your next project or hobby!

Stay Organized

A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind and a cluttered mind will work against you when you are trying to multitask several business ventures. Try to keep your desk organized and free of clutter when you are working on your business or a project. Organize your supplies and papers into categories, so you won’t be tearing through your papers for 10 minutes looking for something you need. This will throw off your multitasking skills and set you back. If you stay organized you will be able to multitask all aspects of your life, to keep you business, small personal projects and hobbies, in sync.

Have Fun

There is no point in working if you aren’t having fun, and that also goes for multitasking. If you are not enjoying what you are doing in the first place, multitasking can be even harder. If you are on a deadline and need to multitask, get the not so fun stuff out-of-the-way first, when you first have the energy. When you are losing steam and need a fun energy boost, throw on some music and push through to the fun stuff! That energy will last until you are done and you won’t feel so wore out when you are finished.

The key to multitasking successfully is to relax, breathe, have fun, stay organized and take breaks to re-energize yourself. If you listen to your body and know what your limits are, you will be able to multitask effectively and efficiently without wearing out your body and mind.

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