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The Most Dreaded Shot in Golf and How to Fix It

By Golfforbeginners
The 2019 British Open served up a lot of emotions, from Shane Lowry admitting to being 'nervous and scared' to Henrik Stenson breaking a golf club over his knee after shanking his approach shot on the 17th hole.
It was Stenson's shank that received the most attention through video clips across the internet and one which can be the most frustrating shot in golf. There is also a plethora of conversation about it because it is so widespread. In this Golf for Beginners blog, we discuss what a shank is and how to fix it.
A shank from Henrik Stenson and a broken iron over the leg. — By The Flagstick (@ByTheFlagstick) July 21, 2019
What is a shank? It's, quite possibly the most dreaded shot in golf - once you "catch" the shanks, it's hard to get rid of them!
Basically, a shank is when the golf ball hits the hosel or heel of your golf club. The ball veers sharply to the right for the right-handed golfer. This differs greatly from a slice as the ball comes off the clubface with a slice as opposed to the hosel of the club.
The great instructor Butch Harmon states, "With the clubhead swinging out to in and the face closing, you risk hitting off the hosel."
Why do golfers shank? Neil Tappin from Golf Monthly states that golfers shank due to three issues, ball position, grip pressure, and swing path.
How do you get rid of the shanks? David Leadbetter says that you should take a break from the golf course but, just in case you are in the middle of your round, he also says to "make sure you’re standing tall with your chest up during the swing, don’t hold the club too tightly, and make sure your weight isn’t sneaking up towards your toes."

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Swing easy, have fun and don't worry when you are playing golf. "Relax, Review, Refocus"!

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