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The Most Dangerous Hotel in the World

By Poundtravel
The most dangerous hotel in the world

most dangerous hotels

A hotel located practically in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean is considered one of the most dangerous in the world but constantly attract tourists.

The Most Dangerous Hotel In The World (laying on over 300m of the … Oct 18, 2013 This hotel is not ordinary. Have you ever seen a hotel laying on over 300 meters of the ground ? Its in the Italian Alps. Watch the video to find …

Maybe it has a spa, a gym suitable place to serve who or pool, but the rooms unique and breakfast are sufficient for a truly unforgettable somewhere off the Atlantic Ocean, where it occurs one of the most bizarre and dangerous hotels of the world. Located 48 kilometers off the coast of Cape Fear, North Carolina, Frying Pan Tower is a former coast guard base in the United States, which was abandoned in 1970. Nicknamed the “Graveyard of the Atlantic” novelty hotel is famous for the sharks is located and hurricanes shave he writes “the Sun” .

For 498 dollars for two nights, a person can be part of the endless views of the Atlantic Ocean, as well as shower facilities, electricity and even Wi-Fi. Access to the hotel is only with the help of a helicopter or boat, and for that interested persons have to draw more money out of pocket. Frying Pan Tower has eight bedrooms and enough space to accommodate 12 people. The interior was kept original as possible, to let 1970 be specific air felt by tourists.

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Richard Neal, owner of the hotel, bought for $ 500,000 this basis when the US government removed it at auction in 2010. “Basically, I bought a huge house, and the tree. When I opened the door of a room smells of 1960s thought I stepped through history, nothing had changed. It’s like a giant toy box, find all sorts of fun things to do. I love this place irreparably, from the first moment, “he said.

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