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The Meaning of My Name – Part 2

By Jenrene

Earlier this year, I attended a Journey to Purpose at Green wood Christian Center, my church. The class was awesome  and  I found new meaning to add to my name. I was absolutely  elated to find my name had such a powerful meaning. it was a great exercise and  I urge everyone to  search for meaning int heir names. you just might be surprised!


Hello, My Name is Jennifer Rene Owens.

Jennifer, stands for White Wave. When I think of a White Wave, I think of a tide. Tides are consistent, unrelenting, they never give up. They build, they rise, they reclaim. They have height, depth, they are all encompassing. They also have a mind of their own – yet are always guided by God’s hand.

Rene – simply, stands for Peace. Or Reborn: meaning to reclaim.

And Owens… (an acronym): as we say in our home means: “Overcoming Winner, Energized by the Need to Succeed.”

I also have another name – I was crowned with while in South Africa a few years ago: It’s NTHABISENG: Nthabiseng means: Make Me Happy. The name is full of revelation for me – because it speaks not only to what my spirit offers this world: Happiness – but also a mandate for how I should live, move and have my being and strive for within: to BE happy.

My Life Statement is: I am the Peaceful, Cleansing , Unrelenting White Wave that DISTURBS THE COMPLACENCY that God’s people have in their lives.

My Life Scripture: Psalm 28:7 “The Lord is my strength and my impenetrable shield; my heart trusts in, relies on and confidently leans on Him, and I am helped. There for my heart greatly rejoices and with my song, I will praise Him.”

My Purpose Statement:

My life purpose is to assist individuals and families through the gift of counsel, gifts of wisdom and teaching by extending well-being, understanding, satisfaction and enlightenment. I help them reclaim the peace of mind that only God gives. I act as an arbiter: helping them to determine, iron out, eradicate, and eliminate what’s necessary for true peace to prevail in their lives. I help bring what treasure that has been long hidden inside of them to light; I aid in helping them seize every opportunity to be all God requires them to be. I help aid others through intercessory prayer by assisting them in getting over a period of difficulty or distress. I seek peace, and pursue it.

*Therefore, my life purpose is to teach, encourage and purpose God’s people to walk in the peace of God – (nothing broken, nothing missing).

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