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The Marriage

By Claire

I have so much to tell you all, after writing about three drafts today on various details (saved for later dates), I’ve had to control myself and start where I should: the marriage itself.

When we set upon trying to organise a date for our day, there are decisions we immediately had to make; firstly, and most importantly, what type of ceremony to have and where to hold it. David and I discussed a religious marriage from day one, I am Christian and David is Catholic, which made things easier because we were pretty much on the same page (well, working from the same book!), and both of us felt strongly about being married in church. Our daughter, Vivienne, has been baptised Catholic and regularly goes to mass with David and his family, yet we heard it was tradition to marry in the Bride’s church, therefore we decided to marry in the village church in which I grew up attending.

The Marriage

After a few meetings with our lovely Vicar, Pam, the ball was rolling, and before we knew it, we were reviewing our ‘Order of Service’, and making our marriage ceremony personal to us. We immediately knew we wanted hymns which were celebratory instead of solemn, and we decided to keep our vows as succinct and traditional as possible. One problem.. we can’t seem to find readings which are appropriate for us? We have the same taste in films, music, books, television.. yet we can’t find a passage anywhere which really reflects us as a couple. (Fingers crossed and suggestions more than welcome!)

We also decided not to decorate the church, the inside is beautiful enough, stone walls, tall stained glass windows, we thought to keep it simple would be to remember what the day is all about, not too much fuss, just the service and the marriage itself. The only thing we may do is hang flowers, or perhaps ‘Just Married’ bunting over the church gate for our exit and for the ‘throwing confetti’ photographs.

The Marriage

There is also enough decoration going on at the reception to keep me busy from here to July anyway!!

Next post: the dress. I can’t wait to tell you all the tale of how I found it (with a little help) and you’ll find out why I probably won’t see much of it for the next few months!

Sally xx

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