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The Lonely Tomato

By Chooksandroots @chooksandroots

We grew our tomatoes from seed. The seeds were part of a six pack, so we picked out four varieties and sowed them in four corners of a seed tray. We didn’t bother to  label them, as we knew that all we had to do was to keep them separate, and when they were bigger, they would either be cherries, plum shaped, pear shaped or stripey – what could go wrong?

Before long we couldn’t split them up fast enough, potting them on but still keeping them on four different shelves of the mini greenhouse.We were giving plants away left, right and centre, but were sure to pick some from the top, middle or bottom so that we would have some of each for ourselves.

The lonely tomato

The lonely tomato

This scheme was going swimmingly until the day of the storms. The greenhouse blew over, and all that was left was a gazillion tomato plants in the middle of the patio. It was like a Blue Peter Bring and Buy Sale. We separated them out as best we could, and planted what we thought was a random selection into the grow bags.

Looked out today, and we have our first tomato! I think it’s a plum, but then again…

Line up, family of mine, we’re going fourseys on this one!

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