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The London Property Boy- By Patrick Brigham

By Madi Preda @AUTHORSPR

How One Man Spent Years Falling Off the Property Ladder

When Mike Mostyne’s business as a property developer crashed, he realises for the first time how fragile his happiness has always been, and how much he’s been taking his good life for granted. Now, without any money he suddenly finds himself navigating through life alone, as his wife Lavender left him for another man. Unsure how to deal with his own grief, let alone that of his little son, Mark. Michael Mostyne must find a way to navigate life that pleases his son, and start again. Step by step he start establishing a career as a real estate agent, and less official a MI5 collaborator. From that he got more troubles, as his son was kidnapped by IRA members. Although they didn’t do any harm to Mark, that means more worries for Mike Mostyne. He has to think about his poor mother Maude as well, as she was sick, having diabetes and a touch of Alzheimer.

But when it comes to his own emotions, Mike doesn’t know where to begin and he just made mistakes after mistakes. Here the author describe Mike as a ‘’Peter Pan’’ boy, living the life, jumping from one woman to another in hope that he’ll find the real love. In the end he’ll ended up with a Bulgarian women, Nadezhda, who he seems to be in love with, but wasn’t the same from her point of view and she eventually gone back to Bulgaria. When the property business gone wrong again, after a few ups and downs, Mike Mostyne decided to go to Bulgaria, and start again with his beloved Nadezhda. Will she be his sweetheart, was she really the one who could make him happy? Can Mike find himself again? 

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Having read Patrick Brigham’s book, The London Property Boy, I knew that this would be just as compelling, just as brutally honest, and just as necessary. Hear me now: this is not easy books to read. This is not your typical good-time romance. This is a very real book dealing with very harsh realities of the property business crash in early 80’s in England, people feelings and life changes
Overall, this book is an excellent read. At first, upon finishing it, I thought that I would have ended it differently. But then, the more I thought about it, the more I realised that this is exactly how life often plays out. Fiction tends to wrap itself up and tie all the loose ends together and see to it that everyone pays the price for their actions, but that’s not the way that real life works. That’s what I love so much about Patrick’s books. He isn’t afraid to write for truth or to discuss those topics that are so often ignored and yet so very relevant for everyone’s life, even today.

Patrick Brigham has been a writer and journalist for many years. He has published many short stories, newspaper and magazine articles. Born in the English home counties, he attended Public School and College before moving to London and embarking on his property career.

Having spent the last twenty years in South Eastern Europe, many of his stories are set in this part of the world as well as in Oxford, London, Hampshire and Berkshire. In the last two years he has only written stand alone literary fiction novels, including Goddess of The Rainbow, and The London Property Boy.

Author Patrick Brigham writes good mystery books, many of which are set at the very end of the Cold War and Communism. Featuring fictional police detective Chief Inspector Michael Lambert, he is often faced with political intrigue, and in order to solve his cases – which frequently take place in Eastern Europe and the Balkans.

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