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The Lockout Looks to Be Over

By Thelockerroom @lockeroomblog
Finally! Woke up to the owners and the NBPA (National Basketball Players Association) closing out a deal after months of discussion and debating. While it isn't 100 percent official, as there are some small details to finalize before the bargaining agreement can be approved, its the closest both sides have come since the beginning of the lockout. The issues include: rookie salaries, drug testing, minimal age limit to enter the league and an additional six pages worth that need to be looked at before basketball can resume. Once these are resolved, a majority vote from all 450 (approx.) NBA players is needed, as well as from the owners. The New Orleans Hornets are without a majority owner, and currently belong to the NBA, so a vote of 15 from 29 owners is needed. Optimistically, NBA basketball will be played this season; and I couldn't be happier. The last few months have been gloomy and unexciting with nothing to occupy my spare time. Additionally, it looked like I had started this blog for nothing, but now that can be forgotten.
The Lockout looks to be over
The expected date for free agency to begin is December 9 and the actual season to begin Christmas Day. With the horde of big men on the market, that includes Tyson Chandler, Nene, David West and other quality players, it could be a whole new set of teams ready to play. The NBA will kick back into gear on the 25th with a group of exciting matchups: Miami will play the Mavericks in Dallas and watch them raise their championship banner (an almost cruel scenario). Boston will be up against New York; the team they knocked out of the Playoffs. The Los Angeles Lakers will look to redeem their postseason struggles against the Derrick Rose-lead Chicago Bulls. The Magic will head to Oklahoma City to face Kevin Durant and the Thunder, and finally the LA Clippers will go up against the Golden State Warriors.

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