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The Lifecycle GX and How I’m Getting My Life Back

By Girlontheriver @girlontheriver
The Lifecycle GX and how I’m getting my life back

What a handsome devil…

I’m one of those people who never wins anything in a raffle… or so I used to say. But not any more. At a Fitness Industry Association drinks party, which I was attending as a member of the Fitness Writers’ Association (incidentally, if you write about fitness , I thoroughly recommend joining), I was persuaded by a hopeful-looking fellow to buy a raffle ticket. Having scrabbled in my bag for a business card to place in the bucket along with my coins, I thought no more about it… until later on when I was told that I’d won a prize.

“Oh…” I said, picturing the bottle of warm Lambrusco that usually greets a raffle winner.

How wrong I was. I’d won an exercise bike – though calling it that doesn’t even begin to do it justice. What I had, in fact, won was a Lifecycle GX – the most fabulous spin bike at the fabulous end of the market.

It’s now happily installed in my house and has been getting plenty of use… just sadly not by me. As Girl on the River fans know, I’ve been out of action with a fractured ankle and officially off games, but my family tell me that it is every bit as marvelous as it looks (and it is a handsome devil, I can tell you).

Until yesterday, that is, when my physio pronounced that an exercise bike was the way forward. My first session (and yes, I’ll take it gently at first) is planned for tomorrow, and I can’t wait to start getting a sweat up. I can’t tell you how strange and debilitating a sedentary life has been over the last three weeks., but thanks to the lovely people at Life Fitness, I can now start to get my fitness back – and my life back. I guess they don’t call them Life Fitness for nothing.

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