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The Life Cycle of Branding

By Mommabethyname @MommaBeThyName

I’m poking in quickly today, in the midst of frantically trying to tack down housing in a new state, to present you a few good reads on the topic of branding.

Some blog as their brand, some outright refuse, and others, like me, sort of drift down the river, grabbing low-hanging branches, trying to maintain a safe, comfortable position. No matter what your thoughts about branding, though, I present you some food for thought.

WordPress was kind enough to mention me as part of today’s post  Blogger or Brand?: Extending Your Online Identity, in which the difference between blogger and brand is discussed, and tips are provided to assist bloggers in extending their reach and influence in the blogging world. If you’re looking to grow or become more easily identifiable to the public, you should check out this post.

Once a blogger comes of age, however, he may find himself questioning his position, his aspirations, and the messages he prefers sending out into the universe. If you’re at that point, soon will be, or are just plain eager with anticipation, you’ll want to check out I Am Not a Brand: You Cannot Purchase Me,by Jenna of Stop, Drop, and Blog.

In this post, Jenna seems to write my still-unfolding blogging life story (and probably yours, too), a sordid tale of the push-pull of chosen topics, perceptions of you based on those topics, and the inevitability that follows.

Have a read and drop back in. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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