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The Leopard Print Boots

By Teaantoast @teaantoastblog
I am absolutely obsessed with these Leopard print boots from New Look at the moment!! They're a bold statement for me as pretty much all of the boots I own are black. I brought these when sitting on a sun lounger in Spain (thank god for free wifi and the ASOS app) and was a little worried they would be too "out there" for me. 


New Look - Leapard Print Boots

They arrived when I returned home from Spain and at first I didn't love them. I thought I'd be restricted with what I wore them with, I had pictured in my head that these would be the statement piece that jazzes up a plain black outfit. But I've actually been pleasantly surprised as they go with a lot of the clothes I wear. 
They're also really comfy, I've worn these to work (on dress down day) which is a real test to see how comfy they as I'm on my feet pretty much all day running around like a headless chicken. What I really like about these is the flexibility with dressing them up or down. I've worn these out to dinner with jeans and a blazer, and I also worn them in the outfit I blogged about here which is more casual.

For just £27.99 I think they're a total bargain and they're easily my favorite pair of shoes at the moment. I also really like this pair from New Look as well... maybe this is the start of a faux animal print shoe collection *monkey hands over eyes emjoi*.

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