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The Leash Dance + New Finds at Trader Joe’s!

By Lilveggiepatch @Lilveggiepatch

Somebody got a haircut!


He’s about half his normal, mop-dog size now. We’re having a heat wave, so there couldn’t have been a better time for him to get groomed. Charley always gets so excited when it’s time for his walk; his “leash dance” always makes me laugh. And he always tries to walk himself!


Just a fuzzy little blur with a pom-pom tail.


Can we go now? Pleasepleaseplease?


The other day, during my bi-monthly grocery shop at Trader Joe’s, I found a few new-to-me items. This strawberry coconut-based ice cream is creamy but light, and I felt great after eating it! (Unlike the way I feel after eating regular ice cream: bloated and uncomfortable.)


Heritage Flakes cereal made with kamut, oats, spelt, barley, millet + quinoa. It takes me months to finish a box of cereal because I usually mix a few together when I’m making yogurt bowls or a cereal snack. I liked this! It reminded me of weekend mornings with my parents; they’d eat Total cereal and I’d eat Kix (or Golden Grahams, if I was lucky).


Rice milk, to change things up a bit (I almost always use almond).


Hot hot salsa! It’s a good, slow burn.


My most exciting find was this organic lacinato kale! Also known as “dinosaur kale,” this is my favorite variety of kale. It was only $2.99 AND is pre-cut AND is pre-washed, so it’s all ready to go.


And some old favorites like roasted seaweed snacks:


And giant white beans! These taste like pure butter.


I’ve been making the same big salad every day to take to work this week, using kale, bell peppers, tomatoes and/or salsa, edamame, chopped whole wheat penne pasta, and dried cranberries. So it doesn’t get soggy, I massage lemon juice into the kale the night before, then add dressing once I’m at work.

big salad.jpg

Does your pet do funny things?

Have you found any new foods or products lately?

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