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The Last Stand: Movie Reviews

Posted on the 23 February 2013 by Rukhaiyaaramrit
With "The Last Stand" Arnold is back...!! The Last Stand: Movie ReviewsIt's a great action film and Schwarzenneger fans is going to love it. Do not expect it to win Oscars and Golden Globes, it can't win that. If you are only into Award Winner Films, this is not your kind of film then.

This one is a straight up action film, with larger-than-life violence, just the way we like Arnold in his films.The film started on a slower pace, but once the action kicked off, it was gripping. Arnold may have lost his body builder charm, but that doesn't slow him down at all.Johnny Knoxville was good too as the humorous guy in "the last stand". I got to admit, Arnold and Johnny looked a very odd pair together.It's a 100 minute of action packed carnival, the film was in the accelerating mode all through, great work by the director there. He kept it pretty fast all the time. Now lets talk about the details. I felt this movie could be more than just an entertainer, if it was rightly executed.  Something like "Real Steel", which both the masses and classes adore. This one is not for the critics.Acting were ordinary by everyone, Arnold included. he seemed a bit stressed out. But the good thing was, that they never tried to make him behave like a 30 years old character. He was characterized as an old man who can do some real action. Over all, "the last stand" is an average film with some exciting shoot outs, car chase scenes and everything that a movie needs to be an entertainer. At least in theaters.It is not a very great film, but if you have grown up in the Terminator and Predator era. You will feel the passion behind my love for Arnold. You must see it for the Terminator.

Movie Geeks Ratings: 6.5/10

Cast: Arnold Schwarzenneger, Forest Whitaker, John Knoxville.

Directed by: Jee-Woon Kim


Author: Amrit Rukhaiyaar

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