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The Last Poem for NaPoWriMo! -Day 30-

By Shanesbookblog @shanesbookblog

I have enjoyed participating in NaPoWriMo so much, and I have absolutely Loved reading everyone’s Poems for this event as well! I grew as a person and I realized who I really am. The darkness no longer has its talons gripped tightly around my throat…

I am Finally Free.

For the last Poem I will be composing a Piece I am dedicating to my sister, —> Patty <—

She not only saved my life…she brought me back to life when nothing else in this world could. I am Honored to be her Best Friend! <3


Have you ever met a person

Who made you enjoy life

Someone who made the darkness run

A new friend who abolished the pain

This new acquaintance made the rain turn to Champagne

A person so Kind And Distinguished

it’s hard to accept what you are feeling is not a Fairy Tale

A shadow of what we wish and dream we could find

A gift from god and a present to this world

You Rescued me from damnation

You grabbed my heart and shocked it back to life

I now understand the Myth

Love is Real and so are Angels

Dedicated to Patty <3

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