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the Journey

By Marensmorsels @marentweets


It’s been a little bit of a rough week. Intuitive eating these last 7 days has been more about eating –eating anything I want. I’ve completely thrown out the concept of satisfied vs. hungry or full. I didn’t do this consciously it just kinda happened.

I keep telling myself that the journey is more than half of the process. And in a lot of ways this week is a successful one.

  • I haven’t thought about calories or wanted to log anything I’ve eaten (success!!)
  • I haven’t been extremely full like before. (success!!)
  • I’ve been working out a lot and I feel really energized and excited about my progress. I’m stronger, my mile times are only getting faster, and I’m realizing I’m a pretty good runner. (total uuber success!!)

There’s this thing Ken and I always tell the girls we coach. When you’re learning something new we expect your skills to drop down and get a little worse, because you’re working on mastering something new. But once you master that new skill your overall skills will be higher than they were before. We expect plateaus along the journey to success.

It’s just hard to feel positive when I feel like I’m struggling and the successes I’ve been making aren’t really the ones I’d like. I guess intuitive eating is training more than just your eating habits but your mental habits too. Maybe my frustration with my choices has fueled some of my eating choices. Hi, I’m Maren and I’m an emotional eater. **in unison** Hi, Maren!

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