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The John Fisher “Clown Show” Continues

By Gary

The John Fisher “Clown Show” Continues

Like every MLB team, the A's will hold a Fan Fest this winter. Except the A's Fan Fest will be provided by the fans, (ahem...for the second year in a row) because team ownership is too busy figuring out how to expel their noses from the butts of Nevada politicians while maliciously jacking up ticket and parking prices for the dedicated fans in Oakland.

The fans planning a team's DIY Fan Fest is akin to someone planning their own surprise birthday party. This might be just the start of Oakland fans taking over some traditional team roles, like the fans might start a canned-food drive to help feed A's white bread and bologna-eating minor league players. Or hold a bake sale or maybe a car wash to help evict the possum living in the press box. I'm obviously kidding, but, by taking on traditional team roles these fans are showing a genuine commitment to the team and to the whole Oakland community while exposing owner John Fisher as the smudge of shit on the bottom of a shoe.

We are still waiting for those stadium renderings. As of this writing, Fisher has borrowed money from Mommy (Come get your kid, Doris!) and has also sold some of Daddy's Gap I'm positive it'll all work out.

P.S. Welcome Oakland Ballers, (B's) an independent team from the Pioneer League that now has my undying support.

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