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The Italian Vocabulary for the Picnic

By Xxlauraxx @all4italy

What we need for the picnic? Italian language The Autumn can be an interesting season to the last picnics. The Sundays are not so hot but there still is  the sun and the opportunity to go and to collect the chestnuts to make then the castagnaccio (recipe to my post I love the picnic, sitting on the grass eating sandwiches = panini. What should I bring? A blanket = coperta  to sit on, a tablecloth= tovaglia (maybe you can choose it checkered red and white),the  paper cups = bicchieri di carta, the paper towels = tovaglioli di carta ,the  bottles of orange juice = bottiglia di aranciataand the fruit juice= succo di frutta.
The sandwiches are a fast solution for your picnic convenient to eat and, but if you love the sophisticated picnic then you can made a Russian salad = insalata russa, a pasqualina cake = torta pasqualina or a rice salad = insalata di riso  ( see my post Do not forget the rubbish bags = sacchetti per la pattumiera because the fun does not preclude the environment! Have a nice picnic!

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