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The Main Public Holidays in Italy

By Xxlauraxx @all4italy

Hello, let's talk about something nice and happy. That's ok, isn't it?

Do you want to discover what are the main holidays in Italy?

There are a lot! Italians love to eat and drink during these holidays with their family.

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Let's begin with the holidays

What is the Ferragosto holiday in Italy? What do important events happen in Italy during the holidays?

Each holiday is important. Here they are divided month by month:


  • 1st January Italians celebrate the first day of the year. Usually, they sleep till late because they have toasted till late the night before.
  • 6th January is Epiphany day. The kids received sweets!


    This is Carnival month and masks can be seen everywhere.
    After this a time called Quaresima starts. There are then 40 days to Easter. You will know this as Lent.


    40 days after the start of Carnival we have Easter, which is avery important religious time. It can be in March or April, and it depends on when Carnival begins.


    8th March is Women's day. It is a worldwide occurrence!

1st April. We call this day Pesce d'Aprile where some little joke is carried out. You might know this day as April Fools' Day.

25th April. Liberation day. Italians remember the liberation from the dictatorship that finished in 1946.


1st May. You do not have to work during this day because it is Labour Day.


2nd June. Italians remember Republic Day when Italy became a democratic Republic.


Sorry...there are no holidays this month but just jump to August!


Do you know what is Ferragosto? It is a party celebrating the middle of summer. Everyone is on holiday. Actually, its origins are religious, and it is called Festa dell'Assunta.

September- October

You have to wait until November!


1st November. We have the holiday called Ognissanti. It is also known in English as All Saints' Day.

We celebrate all our saints, and it is a religious holiday.

2nd November. Italians remember all their deceased loved ones.


This month is full of holidays.

24th December. Italians go to mass to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. It is during this night that Father Christmas, or Santa Claus, comes. The name is Vigilia di Natale. It is Christmas Eve.

25th December. Christmas is here !

26th December. The day is called Santo Stefano and it is a celebration in Italy. It is St. Stephen's Day.

During these 3 days Italians enjoy many food binges...many are at the table eating for 3 days long!

31st December. It is time to say goodbye to the old year, and we have what is called Capodanno. It is of course New Year. Another excuse to party!

And then? We start again!

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