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The Internet Lifestyle

By Kvlog101 @KVlog101
The Lifestyle of us all have changed and its all down to the greatest technological advance of the past 1000 years,
Life has got simpler as the Internet has advanced into what it is today...
This can be seen by the following actions:
  • Check your emails everywhere you go with your phone 
  • Share photos and videos with friends
  • Twitter your views to hundreds of people in one second 
  • Facebook your life to friends and family
  • Order your shopping from your sofa 
  • Have a second life online
  • Research anything and everything
  • Blog your life to the world and share your experiences with others
  • Talk with family around the world on skype
  • Work from home making money on the internet
Life has changed and we can never accept devolution in our lives as we would not cope without  the internet and the only way to go foward is to continue to use the internet in the ways we use it...
I have noticed more people read this blog when i talk about the internet, if you agree with this leave me a comment and i will try to talk more about the internet and things like that...
Thanks for reading...

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