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The Impact Of Bad Bosses

Posted on the 28 February 2012 by Gerard @presurfer
The Impact Of Bad Bosses
The psychological climate in which you work has a lot to do with your health and happiness. Recent research has found, perhaps not surprisingly, that bad bosses can affect how your whole family relates to one another. They can also affect your physical health, raising your risk for heart disease.
Bad bosses can shoot themselves in the foot, hindering their employees' morale, rather than helping it. Some of the findings in the study are intuitive: Most people can tell you that a bad boss can seriously affect one's work experience and overall happiness.The Presurfer

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By  Paragp
posted on 01 March at 14:04
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bad bosses are a reality; everyone gets them at one point or another. however bad a boss may be, he or she can't hate someone that's dependable. even if he or she can't love them. so that really is the simple trick with bosses, bad or good. Be dependable.