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The Impact of Abandonment Explained….

By Clarkkent07 @lpatterson1017

imapactofabandonmentThis house is empty and it looks empty yet is it The impact?  Is your home inside you abandoned?


What is it that abandonment allows us to experience in this existence. It allows you to experience the suffering of ego.. the ego or mind will then translate and create a closing of doors inside you. One that will say I am not able to feel this or feel that and then you ultimately reach a place where it seems you are locked up in misery.


Misery loves company right?


You are infected in the misery of thought..


I don’t know who I am anymore?

Who am I if I don’t have him or her?

I expected you to abandon me everyone else does!

I am alone!

NO one loves me!


Abandonment is a victim energy that is infected onto you by yourself…  If someone leaves you or you are leaving someone else with nothing to say.. It is something that is in denial of a truth!


Abandonment as an impact in energy is elective.. You elect to be abandoned.  Here is an example…


Friend:  I am going to post I hurt myself on my Facebook and see if she will call and see if I am ok, I know she is looking at my facebook, I left it open for her to see it.


Clark: Wait why would you do this? Are you asking the universe to show you that she can abandon you in different ways?  Hasn’t she abandoned you already, because of actions like this that allow you to abandon yourself?   Why are you seeking more of the same?  Isn’t this over inside you already? Is this giving it food to help you continue the same cycle of hurt you are keeping a lie to avoid the truth that you just didn’t connect?  Why put this out there to prove this to yourself again?  How much suffering do you need to take in abandonment to make this about someone else, when clearly you are doing this to yourself?  Is this to much of a truth to accept will you come up with another way to prove the abandonment correct?


This impact in abandonment is a truth.. You will continue to seek this energy out not even seeing you are doing so.


When we move out of the energy of abandonment we create space for what is trying to come to us in love in the first place.  Accept that you were abandoned by anything but never abandon yourself. It is only keeping this as an energy that will find you if you do!  You will be attracted to those that will abandon you and if you find someone who you will love deeply your intuition will scream this energy to them so they will abandon you.  Not as a truth but as an energy to create this to make it the truth!  Can you see this as energy without the mind making it something else?


In truth abandonment is a condition… a condition that is not truly needed.. place a check mark next to abandonment to make it unconditional! Don’t seek yourself in abandonment for it will abandon you in the process of it.. it is there to make you aware of that you aren’t aware of yourself!

Love Deeply,


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