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The Imagination Box by Martyn Ford

By Maliasa
The Imagination Box by Martyn FordWhat if you had the power to create whatever you imagine? What would you create?

The Imagination Box by Martyn Ford is a wonderful book if you want to give the creative muscles a real workout. Instead of providing the illustrations of all the exciting things that the boy in the story creates, the reader has to imagine what everything looked like. The book is a great tool to encourage visual thinking.

One day, Tim who lives with his foster parents in their hotel finds an imagination box. A box that allows you to create whatever you imagine. Will Tim use this mindblowing power to his advantage? Follow Tim on an adventure filled with stunning creations.

Sentences like "He whisked the sheet off his invention. The crowd watched on, silent now..." not only wants children to continue to read the next paragraph but also opens up their visual thinking. What does this invention look like? There are clues in the text, so sometimes it is good to read the descriptions slowly and then close your eyes to imagine or even make a sketch of the invention.

Illustrations in books are great but it requires real skills to know when a book works better without visually showing everything.

Warmly recommended for curious children!

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