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The Hose That Grows

By Vsudarsan

Hello, there! You have probably seen infomercials on garden hoses that grow and shrink in minutes. Well, I recently had an opportunity to test a " Pinocchi garden hose that expands from 25 feet to 75 feet!" I like how this works and glad to share my thoughts with you.

The garden hose arrived within a few days in a rather small zipped up plastic bag. It was very light and easy to handle. Unlike a typical garden hose, it does not tangle nor twist. The fittings are made of solid brass instead of plastic, which looks better and is much stronger. A seven pattern spray gun also comes in the bag, and all patterns are suitable for watering plants. The tube looks and feels durable as it is made of a double layer of latex inside and a soft yet firm green fabric outside. The green color looks brilliant and seamlessly blends in the garden.

I have not seen any water leaks at both ends. The brass fittings and the spray gun fit well and were easy to assemble. I have only nice things to say about this Pinocchi hose that grows! I have a few pictures of this hose in action. I hope your found my honest review valuable! Look forward to your comments.

The Hose That Grows
The Hose That Grows

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