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The Holidays Are Almost Here, Your House Has to Be Presentable

By Lamamma @LAmamma1

Are you worried about your house as the holidays near? If you are like any mom with a family, you know that picking up after kids and even a husband sometimes, add yourself, and it’s an everyday, every hour job. That might not be the end of the world when you are lounging around the house and don’t have plans to entertain, as the family is just relaxing (although we all know that there comes a time when we just have to pick up). But when you have important dates on the horizon when you want to host a dinner party, or simply entertain you children’s friends, it becomes endless. You can let guests in with the family room, dining room, living room looking like it does right now! No way.

So, you panic, you know you will have to spend hours cleaning up the crazy mess that has accumulated in all rooms in the house. I didn’t mention the kitchen, and bathroom. Clean the sinks, pick up dishes, do and put away laundry, when you have a family, the list is truly endless. There are four of us in our house and only two of us pick up, occasionally. Although, it feels like I am always picking up, toys, clothes, you name it from the floor in every single room and putting it back in my kids’ rooms, only to find it back where it shouldn’t be what feels like minutes later.

It’s an on-going process, and sometimes the truth is, after working all week, you’re just not up for it. After cooking, washing the dishes is not always something I can do. Sometimes the doing just seriously catches up to you, and you want to sit down and take a rest. But none-the-less living in a messy house is not fun, and makes it almost impossible to relax, so it’s back on, and then created again, and again, and again.

Now the holidays are near, and you want to celebrate. Well, the options are a cheap carpet cleaner for your family room and where carpets are, because everyone knows the signs of a carpet that isn’t clean are huge when you are expecting guests. And then the countless other chores that you must do, and ask everyone in the family to pitch in; yes, the little ones can put away their own toys when told to do so ten times repeatedly, and your husband can pitch in because he sees how flustered and tired you are. The guests come, the celebrating is fun, and then it starts all over. again.

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