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How to Juggle A Work from Home Business and Children

By Lamamma @LAmamma1

Being a mom is a full-time job but unfortunately, it does not pay the bills. Whether you wish to begin a business from your home because you need extra income, you want to pursue a new hobby or skill, or you just want to do something for you, being a mom does not need to stop you. Having a successful business in the comfort of your own home is possible with children, here is how to juggle both.

Get into A Routine

Routines allow us to be more productive and are also better for our children. Kids thrive for having a routine and therefore choosing certain business hours will ensure that you stick to these hours and get things done. The kids will also know during this time that mom is working and should not be disturbed. In an ideal world, this should be the hours your child is at school or nursery, or if you have a relative or family friend that can take them on a specific day each week, utilize this time effectively.

Include Your Children in Your New Business

If possible, allow your kids to be a part of your new business venture and they may be a little happier when they are spending less time with mom. If you have older teenage children, this can be a great way of them earning a little extra pocket money and helping you out. If you want to go into the beauty sector, your teenage girl would love to be your model and allow you to practice makeup looks or eyelashes on her and her friends. Not only will this make you the cool mom, but it will also leave her feeling less envious when you need to put your business first.

Find an Online Supplier

If your business needs supplies, finding a supplier you can order from day or night means you will always have stock and you can shop when you find the time. If you do want to go into the beauty sector, finding a great supplier is the key to sourcing fantastic products that your clients will love. These eyelash extension suppliesfrom The Lash Professional come with everything you need for beautiful and natural looking lashes that last. This particular brand even offers training for those who want to be the best at what they do. Take the time to find the right suppliers.

Set Ground Rules

If your children know when they shouldn’t be entering your new officethis can help eliminate any worries when you are working or with a customer. If you have older children as well as younger ones, ensure that they look after their siblings for this allotted time, and reward them for doing so. Teaching them how to answer the door or telephone in a professional manner is also helpful, but remember you are not the only businesswoman with children and people will have some understanding.

Working from home with children in the house can be difficult and trying to schedule appointments during school time is best. Ensure you set ground rules and if possible, include your children in your new business venture.

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