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The Hedonistic Taster | № 4 | Kosher Wines

By Binnotes @binnotes

The Hedonistic Taster |  № 4

by L.M. Archer, FWS | Bourgogne ML


“Wine should not be regarded simply as a beverage, but as an art of living, a pleasure.” – Henri Jayer

Welcome to The Hedonistic Taster, a binNotes | Red Thread™ trade sampling of artisan wine published every other Sunday each month.

The title derives from the term ‘hedonistic tasting,’ coined by legendary Burgundian vigneron Henri Jayer.

The Hedonistic Taster allows me the opportunity to introduce you to some gorgeous pours through this intimate tasting format.


Today’s Tasting:

Kosher Wines | Weiner Wines

Ok, ironic hipsters, this one’s for you. What do Sammy Davis Jr, urban, blue-collar African-American men, and St. Patrick’s Day all have in common?  Kosher wine.

Yes. Kosher wine. You can find out more about some of the hip history behind kosher wine in this NPR’s The Salt by Sarah Leigh Hester on historian Roger Horowitz’s new book Kosher USA: How Coke Became Kosher and Other Tales of Modern Food. But I’m not here to review books. I am here to review wines.

So, what exactly is kosher wine? Why drink it? And where do you find it? For the what, consider this explanation by David Raccah of Wine Musings, “Kosher wine is wine that has been produced, handled, and supervised from the beginning by Orthodox Sabbath Observant Jews and contains only kosher ingredients – PERIOD! For a wine to be certified as kosher by anyone of the kosher supervisory agencies, the individual who handles the wine has to be Jewish and observant. The level of observance that is required by the kosher certifying agencies includes; keeping kosher, observance of the Sabbath, etc.”  

For the why and where, consider the wines of Welner Family Wine, a family company specializing in kosher wine production. Established in 1990 by Shimshon Welner, founder of Golan Height’s famed Yarden Wines– the winery that lit the lamp of Israel’s “wine revolution,” and the kosher wine market worldwide – today Welner Family Wines enjoys a following among kosher and non-kosher imbibers, most notably vegans and those searching for ‘best value for money” at chain markets like Trader Joe’s. Most wines retail between $3.99- $25.

The Hedonistic Taster | № 4 | Kosher Wines

Terrenal Seleccionado is made in Yesla, Spain from Monastrell (also known as Mouvèdre) and Cabernet Sauvignon

" data-orig-size="480,640" title="seleccionado" data-image-title="seleccionado" data-orig-file="" style="width: 716px; height: 955px;" height="955" width="716" data-medium-file="" data-original-height="955" alt="Terrenal Seleccionado Red Wine - Kosher produced in Yecla, ES. | Image: Courtesy Welner Wines." data-original-width="716" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"2.2","credit":"","camera":"iPhone 6","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1463869318","copyright":"","focal_length":"4.15","iso":"250","shutter_speed":"0.058823529411765","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-large-file="" /> Terrenal Seleccionado Red Wine – Kosher produced in Yecla, ES. | Image: Courtesy Welner Wines.

Wine: Terrenal Seleccionado,

Varietal(s): 70% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Monastrell (also known as Mouvèdre).

Alcohol:  15%

Suggested Retail: $6.99

Specs:  Hand-harvested, Kosher produced in Yecla, Spain. Monastrell – not the usual Tempranillo – thrives in this high-altitude region.


Robe: Deep purple.

Nose: Concord grape, red cherry.

Palate: Medium bodied, robust tannins, surprisingly soft finish; food friendly.

Suggested Pairings: Savory tomato dishes such as pasta, pizza, ratatouille, plus standard casual fare like BBQ. grilled meats, and hard cheeses like manchego.

The Hedonistic Taster | № 4 | Kosher Wines

Sara Bee Moscato is sweet white wine made in the kosher style in Italy by Welner Wines.

" data-orig-size="640,640" title="sarabee" data-image-title="sarabee" data-orig-file="" style="width: 716px; height: 716px;" height="716" width="716" data-medium-file="" data-original-height="716" alt="Sara Bee Moscato is kosher produced in Puglia, IT. | Image: Courtesy Welner Wines." data-original-width="716" data-image-meta="{"aperture":"2.2","credit":"","camera":"iPhone 6","caption":"","created_timestamp":"1463869272","copyright":"","focal_length":"4.15","iso":"320","shutter_speed":"0.058823529411765","title":"","orientation":"1"}" data-large-file="" /> Sara Bee Moscato is kosher produced in Puglia, IT. | Image: Courtesy Welner Wines.

Wine: Sara Bee Sweet White Wine

Varietal(s): Moscato

Vintage: N/V

Alcohol:    5.5%

Suggested Retail: $6.00

Specs:  Kosher produced in Puglia, Italy.


Robe: Pale yellow.

Nose: White floral, acacia.

Palate: Honey. Pronounced pearling.

Suggested Pairings: Wine for sweet wine lovers and soft palates. Pair with soft ripe cheeses, fruit dishes, and desserts.


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