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The Heart Crunch + @thebloomer

By Bloomer14 @Bloomsaturation
The Heart Crunch + @thebloomer1- Kombucha Wonder Drink: Asian Pear & Ginger2-Most recent issue of Real Simple3- A new book to read! People Are Unappealing.4-A darling new day planner5- Gold Skulls6- Lucky friendship salt rocks
The Heart Crunch + @thebloomer
Even though this day planner doesn't begin until July 2012, I just had to have it. It has the perfect comfy chic look. I love the feel of the fabric and the fun yet soft playful colors. And stripes never hurt either! With my hectic schedule everyone I know should be very happy I am proactively taking control of my days let alone hours. 
Today I also bring you my favorite happenings and photos from Instagram. You can follow me @thebloomer!
The Heart Crunch + @thebloomer
I got quite the workout in this morning and now I am in need of a seriously delicious breakfast packed with protein. I better stay off Pinterst until I eat something! You can follow me on Pinterest HERE where I pin all about my favorite fashions, food, travel destinations, hair, and much more. Probably too much :).  

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