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The Half Marathon Went a Little Something Like This...

By Verybusymama @verybusymama
Yesterday the Mr. and I ran the Rock n Roll Half Marathon here in Washington, DC.
 It was an absolutely beautiful day, full sun, not a cloud in the sky. It was lovely and all, but terrible for us runners. The temperature quickly rose to 75 degrees and it got very hot, very fast.
To top it off, we were late to the 8.00 am start time because DC Metro made us unload midway because some door wouldn't close. Too many passengers. But like I say, the metro wasn't born yesterday, they should know how to deal with big events.
Anyway, we got there late and we weren't able to properly prepare. We left our bags, went for the toilets ate something and we were off.
This was the first time the Mr. and I have done a race together and it was great to have him by my side, helping and pushing me along not letting me fall behind.
The first five miles went by very quickly because we were distracted checking out the scenery and eyeing the different neighborhoods in the nations capital. Neighborhoods which years ago you would never, ever have wandered into are now up and coming areas, with trendy restaurants and bars. Oh and I was checking out everyone's running gear. TONS of neons, pinks, purples, bright blues and of course green in honor of St. Patrick's Day. I made a mental note to buy new workout gear soon.
But it was hot, and the sun was right on our faces. I didn't have a hat or glasses, but thankfully had on sunblock. Here we are at mile 8. It doesn't look like the Mr. is even breaking a sweat, but believe me, he was!
The half marathon went a little something like this...
The last 3 miles were the toughest and I really had to power and struggle through them. The heat really does make you go all funny. But we made it! And that time of  2 hours 15 minutes was completely unrealistic I was told. Ooops! I guess I got over excited.
We finished in 2 hours 41 minutes, about 5 minutes faster than the Mr. had predicted for me. I'm not a fast runner, but I get there in the end! 
I had blurry vision and felt like I was going to be sick for that last .1 mile, and I just looked straight ahead, picked up speed and finished strong. It's the most painful and rewarding feeling in the world.
The half marathon went a little something like this... In the end I opted for my comfort grey top instead of my pink one
Afterwards, we had some beer, bagels, water and headed home. All we wanted was a big lunch so we headed to Baja Fresh (yummy Mexican). It just hit the spot. 
Oh, and let me just say, that the pink and brown RazzyRoo Headband I am wearing did not ONCE move or slide off of my head. I put it on at 6.00am when we left the house, traveled to the race, then ran 13.1 miles, then back home and it never moved from it's place. AMAZING! So thanks RazzyRoo for this must have piece of running/sports gear. 
Actually, you know what else it would be great for? Giving birth. I mean labor is serious work and you sweat and your hair gets in the way.  Going to make sure this is in my hospital bag next time around. The half marathon went a little something like this...
One major change I did have to make was going off my Medifast diet in order to have energy for the race. The week leading up to Saturday, I tapered and had protein, carbs and drank plenty of fluids. I gained about 3.5 lbs, but I am back on the diet today. 
So that was my weekend...later I took a long nap then went out for a few drinks. I won't be doing another big race anytime soon, but the Mr. is starting his training for the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Good luck to him. This summer is going to be hot!
Have you ever done a major race before? Are you starting to run?

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