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The Half-bottle of Wine Problem – Solved.

By Johntalbott

There are times when one wants wine from a newly opened bottle, not one that’s been sitting next to the espresso machine for 3 days.  The reasons for this vary: one is alone; one’s companion must work (yes, some of my dining partners actually see patients, spy or do nice PR after lunch); one’s spouse is under the weather; one’s “fallen in among bad friends” friend has a hangover – no matter, one wants about a half-bottle of wine.

Well, why not order a half-bottle or a 50 cl carafe or 2 glasses?  Ah ha.  Well, because the half-bottles are often if not always the price of the most cheapo wine on the list; because the 50 cl carafe comes out of a box, and no matter what the facts are, who do you believe about oxygenation, me or your “own damn eyes?”; and because the glasses are from the aforementioned bottle sitting in the heat for who knows how long.

But with the Loi Evin, I discovered “how to.”  As I’ve told before, at the original Regalade, I said I wanted “a glass of wine?” – “not possible;”  “a carafe?” equally unavailable; but “we’ll give you the bouchon for a bottle and a brown sac and you can take it home. “  Voila! 

Last fall when in Italy and while I had never tested this trick before here, I realized I was facing the same issue; so I asked, “is it legal to carry open bottles around in Milan?”; Ans. “but of course Sir.”  Et presto! 

Doesn’t that answer one of life’s persistent questions as Garrison Keillor would say?

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