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Les Chouettes in the 3rd: "We'd Like the Rabbit" "We're out of It." "Well Why is It Only the Daily Printed Carte??"

By Johntalbott

Sun 001

Sun 007

Sun 003

Les Chouettes in the 3rd has become one of Colette and my favorites, especially on Sundays, and I was assigned to do a Chowhound-France meet for a visiting CH-aficianado from Kuala Lumpur so what could be better than the center table that seats 8 in the light of the three-story iron alcove?  We had some difficulty deciding on the tempting choices but at least a few of us lit on the rabbit with feves, duxelles and a abat sauce; Hoo Boy! But it was not be be.....hold on.  First, we all had the cold coques, encornets, artichokes and speck - wonderful starter I must say.

Sun 004

Sun 005

So when informed that the rabbit was replaced by pintade aka African chicken, we split between the magret de canard, gambas, piquillos and fennel and the pintade with all the mushroom puree and pieces and spring veggies - that was surprisingly good.  Well, not surprising for Les Chouettes, where everything is good, but surprising for a rabbit substitute.

Sun 008

Sun 009

Sun 010

Desserts were split among us, with a sesame mousse, pistachios and glace lin; creamy caramel & chocolate, red fruits and milk jam (huh?); and a classic Paris-Brest described as "Irresistible" - in short it was not, but quite good, nonetheless.

Sun 002

Sun 006

Sun 011

We moved from a lighter to heavier red and had some white for those so inclined, as well.  With 3.5 bottles of wine, no bottled water and several coffees (I didn't count) our bill for 7 amounted to 120 E a couple.

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