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The Guy I Chased

By 50mm_streettog @50mm_Streettog

At times I do go real close while shooting people, but chasing a subject is not really my usual habit. At least I cannot remember ever doing so in the past two years of my street photography. To be honest, I’m a bit lazy to run after someone. And Shillong (the place I live in) isn’t that crowded, so if you actually start following someone with a camera, chances are that the person will notice you.

Anyways, a few weeks back, I was out on the streets of a market doing my usual shooting. I shot for about 3 hours from late afternoon till it started getting a little dark. Then I decided that it was time to get back home, so I put my camera inside my bag and started to leave. But just as I came to the entrance of the market, I saw this fellow (photo below) and I immediately knew that I had to take his shot. He walked past me with his friend, and that too quite fast. I took out my camera and started following him. From a paced walk, I soon realized that I was literally running in order to overtake him. Anyways, finally I managed to cross him, but that too wasn’t enough. I had to get a minimum distance between us in order to turn back, focus, and get a proper shot. And I knew well that at this pace I was just gonna get one shot at him. No second chance. And well, as you can see, this was my finally output. I know it isn’t perfect, it isn’t precisely what I had in mind, but then again, it is something, and something is better than nothing at any point.


The Guy I Chased

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