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Street Photography – 30 Tips In 30 Photos

By 50mm_streettog @50mm_Streettog

My Youtube channel had been lying dormant for a really long time. And then finally one day I decided to make a video and post it up. Nothing great, but just some of my photographs accompanied by a few tips which I would like to share with all you photographers. These tips are not universal rules, but merely things which I have learned in the process of practicing street photography.

The video has received quite a good response over the past few months that it was up online, and so I thought of sharing it here on my blog too. Hope you guys enjoy it.

Once again, these rules are not fixed and may not be applicable in many places or scenarios. So don’t take them too literally. Use your own idea and understand the flexibility of these guidelines. Feel free to leave your feedback, as well as to share it.

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