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The Greatest Watch Safe Ever – Just in Time for The Holidays

By Raymondleejewelers @raymondleejwlrs

Let’s clear up any confusion right at the start. This is not about the greatest watch sale ever, although this is the holiday season and it’s hard to escape sales. This is about a S-A-F-E, a watch safe and it’s the greatest greatest one ever. It’s the Stockinger BRABUS SV12.

Stockinger Luxury Watch Winder Cabinets & BRABUS SV12 Safe   luxury goods services

What makes it so special? Well, for one, Stockinger is building the BRABUS SV12 as a special edition, and limiting it to 25 pieces. Then there’s its parentage. Stockinger is a storied German manufacturer of bespoke and, as they say, “off-the-peg” safes and vaults. Stockinger has been called the Bentley of safe manufacturers. And perhaps Bentley took this to heart, since the luxury automaker chose the luxury safe maker to design the safes they market to Bentley owners.

“Luxury car manufacturer” leads us to the SV12′s BRABUS heritage. BRABUS, also a German company is the world’s largest auto tuner, and the official aftermarket tuner of Mercedes Benz and SMART. The German auto magazine, Auto Motor und Sports named BRABUS the Best Brand in the category of tuner from 2006 through 2012. So of course, the watch winders in the SV12 will keep your watches running accurately

Yes, that’s right the safe includes Beluwo high quality watch winders – 12 of them. That’s what the 12 stands for in SV12. Each watch winder can be programmed for a particular watch based on manufacturer specifications listed in a database with information on over 8,000 specific watches. Not only do the watches keep perfect time but they conserve their energy since the winders keep them on a schedule of 16 hours of activity interspersed with 8 hours of rest, all set by a smartphone or tablet. And when they are through with their winding, each watch is stored in the upright or 12 o’clock position.

BRABUS is also a designer of high performance cars, offering their own version of Mercedes cars, giving owners the option of ordering one through Mercedes Benz or bringing their Mercedes in for aftermarket design. And the SV12 bears this same BRABUS touch, with each drawer lined with red Alcantara leather and each handle proudly embossed with the BRABUS logo.

The SV12 is a safe above all, and is designed not to be broken into – ever! The interior cabinetry may be made of wood, leather, and carbon but the walls of the core are thick steel, layered with rocks and polymer. The rocks, held in place by the polymer prevent the safe from being sawed into since it would take them mere minutes to dull any saw blades or bits. Just to be sure, each safe is VDS tested, and has been consistently been awarded a VDS III, the highest security rating.

In addition to securely storing 12 of your most prized watches, the SV12 has room for all your documentation and even space for a bottle or two of your finest wines. So don’t forget to include this limited edition watch winder safe on your Christmas list. And hurry – don’t forget Stockinger is only making 25 of them!

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