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The Good Wife 3x14: Another Ham Sandwich

Posted on the 03 February 2012 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

The Good Wife 3x14: Another Ham Sandwich

Original Air Date: 29 January 2012

StorylineWith her investigation complete, Special Prosecutor Wendy Scott-Carr presents her evidence against Will to the grand jury in hopes of sending him to prison for bribery. Meanwhile, Eli and Stacie Hall square off once again. Best Quote:

Wendy Scott-Carr: Have you ever been to one of Mr. Gardner's pickup games?
Diane: No
Wendy Scott-Carr: Why not?Diane: I don't play basketball.Wendy Scott-Carr: Has he asked you to go?Diane: Uh, yes.Wendy Scott-Carr: And why did he ask you to go if you didn't play basketball?Diane: He said it was a good place, uh, to meet judges and prosecutors who matter. For example, Peter Florrick, the current State's Attorney, often participated in the pickup games.Wendy Scott-Carr: But you decided not to go to these games. Now, wasn't that because you thought there was something corrupt about these relationships?Diane: No. Oddly, it was because I didn't play basketball.

Review: We've heard about the State's Attorney's office talking about prosecuting Will on account of his supposedly bribing judges for most of this season and I was starting to wonder if something was ever going to happen about it or if it was just a way to rise the tension around Lockhart/Gardner. Well, the day has come for Will to appear in front of a grand jury and it was also the day to see Kalinda really shine. We've been wondering where her loyalties laid - if they were with the firm or with Alicia, who was Wendy Scott-Carr's latest tool in finding evidence against Will Gardner. 

I had fun watching the prosecution's case crumble like a house made out of cards with every witness they brought on the stand. Elsbeth Tascioni's strategy, to bring Peter's name up whenever possible, was a brilliant one that eventually paid off. Of course, I don't buy into the jury not knowing who Peter Florrick was: for one thing, he was indicated as being the State's Attorney multiple times during the interrogations, and secondly, the scandal surrounding  him was so big that anyone would have heard about him. But, because I like Will so much, I was jittery with pleasure whenever Wendy Scott-Carr found herself out of words, as the evidence she so carefully collected turned out to be nothing but a carefully spread net from Kalinda.
Going after Alicia and making her admit on the stand that she had a relationship with Will was a low move, one that not even Peter, with all his rage against his rival, wouldn't have resorted to. But one of the best moments of the week was hearing Peter finally admit it: it was all about his wife's relationship with her boss. The interactions between Alicia and Peter are far and between, but because of this, they are always perfectly choreographed, and tension has been rising between the two with each day that passed. Seeing them finally putting the cards on the table was a great moment and I'm sure, a defining one for how things will be between them from now on.
As much as I enjoyed watching Will's grand jury and everything surrounding it, Eli's arc was equally entertaining. He may be a great crisis manager, but he's also a little boy at times, which made Alicia's question - "So, who are we acting out against, Eli?" - all the more fun. I'm not a fan of Amy Sedaris' character, but it's always great to watch them square off and always wonder who will come out as the victor. And Eli may have won the contest to getting the GLAC account, but Stacy Hall running the campaign for his ex-wife gave her the last smile. The only thing I wasn't down with was the two of them having sex. If that was just a way of having Eli get laid, it was a bad idea, in my books.
Some other stuff: did that slap come out as believable? Not for me. Both Kalinda and Dana knew they were playing each other, so I didn't understand the point of that scene. I would have liked to see more of Elsbeth instead. Also, will Wendy Scott-Carr really report Will to the bar association? I hope now, but hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and not only losing in such a lame way, but being dismissed by Peter certainly made her scorned. And Alicia dodged a bullet with Will winning, but how long can she keep her relationship from her kids, especially now, that Peter has confirmation?  The Good Wife 3x13: Bitcoin for Dummies Back to Season 3

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