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The Good Wife 3x05: Marthas and Caitlins

Posted on the 25 October 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

The Good Wife 3x05: Marthas and Caitlins

Original Air Date: 23 October 2011

Storyline: When Alicia's key witness commits suicide, she must turn to the only person whose testimony can salvage her case: Colin Sweeney. Meanwhile, Eli makes big moves on Peter's behalf.Review: This episode follows a class action suit raised by Lockhart/Gardner in collaboration with Celeste Serrano, representing the families of the victims of a plane crash. It was definitely a great send-off for Lisa Edelstein’s character. One that left the door open for her return, or at least this is what I hope. Celeste knows how to stir up trouble, but she can also recognize value when she sees it. Every scene with her and Alicia was highly entertaining – Celeste starts off by antagonizing her because of her connection with Will but ends up recognizing Alicia as a strong opponent who might have very well become her friend had she not hated other women. She won me over in the tequila scene, above all else. She admitted without any shame that she would do everything to split Alicia and Will up should she stick around and also gave a hint about Will’s past, warning Alicia that he is not to be trusted. But is Will as bad as his old flame portrays him? For a moment there, Alicia – and the viewers – believed so. 

A significant subplot – mainly for the relationship between her and Will - followed Alicia as she interviewed candidates for a first year associate position. An important task, showing that her position at Lockhart/Gardner is strengthening, but that makes her a pawn in the firm’s politics games, as one of the final two candidates is David Lee’s niece and he’s pushing to have her hired. I had no doubt over who will eventually get the job, mainly because of the actress playing that part (the show is welcoming True Blood’s Anna Camp as Alicia’s new trainee and I’m starting to wonder why the inflation of new characters). But the interesting thing about this is the insight into Lockhart/Gardner’s hiring politics, as well as a revelation about Will. As much as Celeste might have tried to convince Alicia that Will is not to be trusted, standing up for her even when they were not together proves his commitment, despite his overall shadiness. I know we have two mature people who see things for what they are and don’t make a lot of fuss about their feelings, but the romantic in me is looking for clues behind all the coolness. 
But Will and Alicia’s love story is far from reaching a happy end – and I’ve said it last week as well, I don’t really want that to happen so soon. One major impediment is Peter and his (and Eli’s) ambitions for his political future. In order to advance in this career, Peter needs Alicia by his side, looking like a happy wife. The only question is, will she stand by her man yet again or not? And speaking of Peter’s campaign, I was excited to see Kalinda refusing to work for Eli in anything regarding her former lover. Maybe it’s her way of redeeming herself in Alicia’s eyes.
Returning to the case, a major part of the episode was spent on a key witness who could establish the air company’s fault in the plane crash. This witness is none other than Alicia’s former client, Colin Sweeney (played by the superb Dylan Baker), the wife killer, who is willing to help her (and only her) in exchange for his freedom. But this means Lockhart/Gardner needs to work together with Cary and the new AUSA (whose purpose to this series I still don’t fully understand) to get him out of prison two years earlier than he was supposed to – and this was yet another demonstration of why I love Cary so much. He’s a great lawyer – something we haven’t seen much this season (in fact, we have seen very little of him altogether) – but also a great negotiator and capable of making quick and difficult decisions without consulting with his superiors. But Sweeney’s presence, in itself, was a treat, and I’ll give it to this show for bringing back entertaining characters. Which is another reason behind my belief that we haven’t seen the last of Celeste Serrano.
I still find Grace’s tutor arc boring and only useful to remind us that Alicia is a mother as well – and whatever happened to Zach? We haven’t seen much of him this season. But it was great to see Alicia discuss her divorce with David Lee. Eli’s campaign moves made for another entertaining plot and it’s always fun to make associations with real life politicians.The Good Wife 3x04: Feeding the Rat Back to Season 3

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