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The Good Wife 3x03: Get a Room

Posted on the 10 October 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

The Good Wife 3x03: Get a Room

Original Air Date: 9 October 2011

Storyline: Will and Alicia go against Celeste Cerrone, Will's old flame, in a mediation between a patient and her former doctor. Meanwhile, Eli tales on a cheese factory as a client who needs crisis management after a listeria breakout in a school.Best Quote:

Representative: Cheese.
Eli: Cheese?
Representative: Yes. We represent the Wisconsin State Dairy Guild, and we need your help.
Eli: With cheese?
Representative: Yes.
Eli: A certain kind of cheese or all cheese?

Review: The Good Wife stays strong with yet another engaging episode featuring the debut of Lisa Edelstein as Celeste Cerrone, Will's old girlfriend and opposing council in this particular installment. Cuddy fans can rejoice, Lisa is alive and kicking ass in this CBS drama well suited for her abilities.

So does this mean we have a love triangle? TGW is good at a lot of things and one of those is not falling into the temptation of exacerbating drama when it's not necessary. This is an adult TV show that doesn't need such tricks to keep the viewers entertained. What Celeste's appearance does is not only prove that Will is not the same person he was in the past - he's an adult who doesn't play games anymore -, but also that Will and Alicia are having a mature relationship that doesn't trip over petty emotions like jealousy.
Alicia reacted just like I'd hoped she would: with nonchalance and charm, even using Celeste's game against her as Will's ex tried to make her jealous in order to throw him off his game. The episode provided us with some great lawyering as it proved that people in this profession sometimes need to manipulate each other to get what they want.
The case - a young mother suing her former doctor for implanting a faulty device who caused even more damage to her spine that she had before -, as well as it being resolved by mediation rather than in a court of law, was not as entertaining as it was fit to introduce Celeste's character and her relationship with Will. They were together for two years and know each other's tricks, but while Celeste has basically remained the same person, Will has grown up and knows how to play her. This relationship will be interesting to explore further as Celeste is probably going to join Lockhart/Gardner and try to undermine Alicia.
Eli was challenged by a cheese client this week: after a listeria outbreak in a school, the Wisconsin State Dairy Guild hired him to do damage control. We didn't get to see any more interactions between him and Kalinda, but we did get to see him react badly at the irresponsible actions of the cheese factory's CEO and at his involvement having been leaked to the press by Will. He definitely changes the dynamics at Lockhart/Gardner in a good way, I just wish we'd see more of him and Alicia together. After all, he's still Peter's campaign adviser and no one wants a divorced candidate. His arguments with Diane were greatly entertaining though, as they coached their client on what to say and not say to the press.
Elsewhere, Owen was left in charge of the kids while Alicia was stuck at work because of the mediation. He's a good fun character whom I'd like to see more of. He can play the go-to guy between Alicia and her children, especially with Zach, who is not always comfortable to confide in his mother. It was very amusing watching him realize the roles have reversed: he's now the responsible one, while his sister is going through a delayed rebellion phase.
And the final scene, with Alicia confiding in her brother that it's not love she feels for Will, left me believing that we haven't seen the last of the Florrick's marriage just yet: she's navigating in unknown shady waters and finding out that Peter was actually honest with Zach about cheating on his mother with another woman must have confused her.
While eager to see how Alicia and Will go on with their personal life, I'm more interested at this point to see how Lisa Edelstein's character will fit into all of this. Things are getting more and more interesting each day.The Good Wife 3x02: The Death Zone Back to Season 3

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