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The Good Wife 3x02: The Death Zone

Posted on the 03 October 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

The Good Wife 3x02: The Death Zone

Original Air Date: 2 October 2011

Storyline: When Alicia wins a verdict in a libel case involving a British businessman, she must quickly learn to navigate English Law when the case is retried in British court via satellite.Best Quote:

Thrush: God, I do love you Yanks. You are so easy to distract. With our accents and our periwigs and our tea and crumpets.
Will: And Benny Hill. Don't forget Benny Hill.
Thrush: But I am not the England of Big Ben and bobbies. I'm not the England of doilies and cucumber sandwiches. I'm the England of football hooligans and Jack the Ripper. (Will shivers, whimpers) And this England don't play nice, and it don't play fair, and it don't ever stop.
Will: Here's some advice, Mr., uh... Thrush. When you want to intimidate someone, don't use so many words. Intimidation isn't a sonnet.

Review: This show proves, time and time again, why it is currently the best drama on TV. This episode was a very entertaining one, featuring a very interesting case as well as keeping up with the personal lives of the main characters.

After Alicia wins a libel case raised by a British citizen against an American book writer, but the case is deferred to the British courts afterwards, making the case difficult to win a second time due to the burden of proof being reversed. The different rules also make things hard for Will and Alicia, who are being assisted by a barrister... sorry, solicitor who loves anagrams and calls Alicia "Filial air crock", Will "Warden Grill" and the opposing counsel "Jams her tush".
I loved the case, mostly for the British connection. Will and Alicia needed to learn how to swim in different waters in order to win this one - and learn they did. They beat the British at their own game after a brilliant idea to use Twitter as a publicity means. Having Eli around really pays off sometimes.
Will's confrontation with James Thrush was a delight to watch - as much as I liked his "I'm the England of football hooligans" line, Will's "Intimidation isn't a sonnet" reply was priceless. The interactions during the depositions made my day, especially having the judge criticize Will for his body disposition but allow Alicia to go hard on the witnesses because he enjoyed the drama.
As for Alicia and Will's relationship, those two are definitely getting comfortable with each other, as proven by the dialogue they had in his office. Things are even hotter because they have to hide from everyone else - this being reinforced by Peter's actions in this episode - and why would we need to actually see them having sex when we have role-playing chat and Will saying "I want to take you now" after a session of deposing witnesses.
Diane questioning Alicia's usefulness will make things interesting in the future. She's a businesswoman first and foremost and will not let her firm take the hit for the sake of her partner's college friend. This will be a test for the relationship between Will and Alicia, and I cannot wait to see how he will handle it. One thing is for certain, he is not going to risk the firm that he worked so hard to build.
As for Peter, I was rather surprised that he didn't turn his son against Alicia when he asked him why they were separated. But Peter knows that honesty is the only way to ensure that the children stay on his side. As for going after Lockhart/Gardner by forcing them to accept an audit in exchange for becoming the law firm to handle the DA's office civil lawsuits, that was to be expected. It's as clear as day that he it's not for the sake of running a clean office that he does that, but rather because he wants to go after Will. Chris Noth plays the complicated character to perfection.
A new relationship is starting to form at Lockhart/Gardner and it's a very interesting one. Eli finds himself in need of an investigator and gets in touch with Kalinda. They are so much alike that you cannot help but think of them together. I can see the chemistry between them as Eli becomes more and more intrigues with her, especially with Kalinda keeping him at bay but not too far away. I'm surprised that they've never met - but then again, Peter didn't need Eli's help until after the scandal.
This was another episode that mixed the personal and the professional perfectly, just like this show has gotten us used to. 
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