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The Good Wife 3x01: A New Day

Posted on the 28 September 2011 by Tvgeek @TVGeek_blog

The Good Wife 3x01: A New Day

Original Air Date: 25 September 2011

Storyline: Alicia defends a Muslim student who is accused of murdering a Jewish classmate, all while navigating the new developments in her personal life. Meanwhile, the staff of Lockhart/Gardner deal with new changes as well.Review: I started to watch The Good Wife over the summer, but it caught me from day one and now I can't stop watching. We haven't had a really good legal procedural since Boston Legal ended and I've missed this, especially since it's my study area. Plus, the drama involving Alicia Florrick is extremely well developed and it just sucks you in. There's no shortage of good actors wither, with Juliana Marguiles who just won an Emmy for her performance last season, Chris Noth as the perfect imperfect husband, Alan Cumming as the amazing Eli Gold and Matt Czuchry, whom I didn't really like in Gilmore Girls, but has grown so much ever since. The rest of the cast is equally brilliant, it's one of those few shows where I cannot help myself but love absolutely everyone.

Last season finale left us with Alicia and Will having sex in a hotel room, but does that mean they are together now, or was it just a one time thing? Well, as the promos for this season say, "don't let the name fool you". The good wife is now quite naughty and the new attitude Alicia has, paired with Juliana's new hairstyle, are kickass.
The episode found the perfect balance between the personal and the professional. It was great that the focus what not so much on what happened in that hotel room and how will things be now between Alicia and Will. It would have pushed the drama too much and it's not something we really want. For now, their decision to not reveal their relationship is working great, as even the insightful Eli Gold believes there's nothing between them, and I think Alicia should file for divorce before making her new romance public.
Bathroom scene: was it one of the sexiest scenes ever? I certainly think it was hot.
Moving on to the case of the week, Alicia was hired to defend a young Muslim student accused of murdering a Jewish one. This is a delicate subject to touch for Americans, so I think it was courageous for this show to go where others didn't dare to go. But the case itself was not so entertaining as the office conflicts it generated. Now that Peter is back in charge of the DA's office, he wants to do things clean and go by the book with everything, but is also doing everything in his power to defeat Alicia, especially since he knows how she thinks. Cary looks like his puppet more than his right hand in the cases against Lockhart/Gardner, but I expect him to want to advance in his career and take steps towards that, as he's done before.
But the case was a very good way to introduce Eli's crises management business at Lockhart/Gardner as well. He's not one to lose money over religious disputes and has no scruples over taking business from a Muslim. It's the Jewish League that has to admit defeat and agree to hire him so that one of their own doesn't create a PR campaign for an adversary.
It was also entertaining to see Kalinda between Cary and Sophia, her two romantic interests from last season. There's a lot of sexual tension there as well, it's not only Will and Alicia that warm up the office.
I didn't care much about Grace's tutoring plot - she's one second into something and then changes her hobby in an instant. She's probably the one character that I really find annoying. But there was a great moment there between Alicia and Grace, when her daughter noticed how happy she was without Peter around.
This was a very good season premiere and I didn't expect anything less from the best drama currently on TV. I'm glad The Good Wife is back on my Sunday night schedule. Back to Season 3

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