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The Gold-Son by Carrie Ann Noble

Posted on the 21 June 2017 by Bubblebathbooks

Just like her first book, The Mermaid's Sister, Carrie Ann Noble has managed to draw me in with the The Gold-Son's cover alone. It's so beautifully detailed and has all the elements of the story in the pictures surrounding the title. We've got Tommin and Eve, surrounded by gold coins, shoes, Leprechaun Elixir, and so much more. I want to frame it and hang it on my wall!

I have never before encountered a book about leprechauns.

What, never? Didn't you read the Artemis Fowl books?

Oh yeah, just kidding. O.K. I've never before read a book about "classic" leprechauns. At any rate, The Gold-Son presents a remarkable history and setting for what we think of as those little cute guys in green. Carrie Ann Noble went deep and brought us an imaginative new back story to explain Leprechauns and it ain't pretty like a rainbow.

Yeah, they are pretty nasty creatures. As it turns out, these fairy folk can only continue the species by stealing human adolescents and brain-washing them into wanting eternal life via three separate drinks of Leprechaun Elixir. Unfortunately, being a Leprechaun involves constant theft of gold and silver and a complete loss of humanity, compassion, love and kindness.

Kind of like what happens to you when deprived of chocolate.

Yes, exactly!

The Gold-Son was a more difficult read than The Mermaid's Sister just because Tommin and Eve had such a difficult and painful road to travel. I felt like I was constantly pleading, "No, don't do that!" " Don't go there!" or "Don't drink that!" mostly to Tommin, the whole time I was reading the book. I was exhausting, but worth it, because the harrowing and centuries-spanning journey leads to a wonderful and unexpected payoff at the end.

I particularly enjoyed the MASSIVE plot twist in the middle of the book. It took me completely by surprise and brought the plot to a whole new level. The characters in The Gold-Son are so well drawn. I hated Lorcan Reilly with a passion, loved Eve for her strength and determination, and quickly got very attached to Tommin, despite his many, many, MANY flaws (most of which he works through by the end). Carrie Ann Noble can craft a fantasy like no other. I've so enjoyed her spins on Leprechauns, carnies, mermaids and the like that I can't imagine what fantastical creature she's going to tackle next! Maybe Yetis? Please?

Yetis are so unromantic. But I agree with everything else Bubby just said, and she said it so well you should read it again to know what I think (this rarely happens-don't get excited). Readers, definitely take a look at the original, artful work that is Carrie Ann Noble's The Gold Son!

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