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The Giants Game!

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys! How was your 4th of July? Did it include hot dogs, simple yellow cakes with cool whip, strawberries and blueberries, fireworks? Mine included none of those things. For my birthday Max took me to the Giant’s game up in San Francisco. It was a BLAST!


We were there so early we actually waited for them to open the gates to the park. Max was worried about traffic so we allowed a lot of extra time. But it was alright, just being at the park is so much fun.



We had the coolest seats. Our tickets were for the arcade so we got to sit out in right field right between the field and McCovey Cove. Two home runs went right over our heads.


While we waited for the game to start we both enjoyed some beer. I kept it very American with a Bud Light with lime, Max went more gourmet.


Once the game started we went looking for some grub. Here’s the best kept secret when going to a baseball game. Everyone wants to see the first pitch so going to get food or drinks right after the first inning starts is the best time with the smallest lines. Going anytime after the third inning is madness. Plus the beginning is the best time to miss, you don’t want to be waiting in line during the 7th inning stretch!


Garlic Fries and a sausage with peppers and onions. The fries were for me and the sausage was for Max. I love the Gilroy Garlic Fries at the Giants games.


Trust me! Get them!

After eating and waiting in exactly no line for food

Open-mouthed smile
we settled down for the game.


This was the best birthday present, thanks Max!



I had two scrambled eggs with salt, pepper and dill with some English Breakfast Tea and almond milk.



Pretty bland, I know.

Basically I’ve just been sick since I started going to the University in Santa Cruz in the late winter of 2010. I’ve had sinus infections, ear infections, flus, allergies, colds. It’s crazy.

Since March I’ve had this mild cold that leaves me feeling pretty good but I’m hacking up a lung almost all the time, and I’m blowing my nose non stop. Some mornings I have a sore throat and I can tell my sinuses are so inflamed they feel congested but really they’re just swollen. The same with my ears.

I’ve been seeing the doctor, and I’m seeing him again this afternoon but what he’s been giving me really hasn’t helped too much. Hopefully today I get started on something that will actually alleviate some of these symptoms. This isn’t a fun way to live. A sinus infection since March?!

My mom suggested getting off diary, sugar and processed flour to see if I feel better. We’ve always thought my sickness is due to allergies, and we’re starting to think that I might be allergic to gluten. We already know I have a mild allergy to milk (not lactose). So, now that I’ve had my fun at the giants game, completely carbo-loaded all weekend it’s time to hunker down and get serious. I’m going to try eliminating dairy, flour, and sugar for the week and if I don’t feel any better I’ll add it all back but I seriously have to find a way to feel better again, this is starting to get really frustrating.

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