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The Geek Guide to a Stress-Free Workplace

Posted on the 18 February 2015 by Geekasms @geekasms

Us geeks, more than anybody like to avoid stress. A laid back lifestyle and a laid back workplace is the natural habitat of the geek. Unfortunately though, workplaces are often incredibly stressful places to be. And many of us have to spend all day in them! The phone is always ringing, everyone seems to be shouting, and the clock seems to run faster when you’re working to a deadline. It’s a nightmare! Fortunately here are some great tips to turn a stressful office into a relaxed and easy going one.

Create Space

There’s nothing worse than a cramped office space. Nobody wants to have to climb over several colleagues before you reach your desk. Embrace an open plan office space. It’ll make the entire place more free flowing and relaxed. It instantly changes the mood of the office and everyone in it.

Use the Bin

Yes, that empty thing by your desk. All that rubbish piled up on your desk will soon avalanche if you don’t clean it up, and you don’t need that. If you’re like me, you’ll avoid cleaning and tidying up at all costs. Even I can admit though, a tidy office space is usually a happier and more productive one. A clearer desk will help bring a clearer mind. And that will be a good things for everybody.


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Play Music

What better way to make a work space feel more relaxed and informal than to play some music through the speakers? It’s scientifically proven that music relaxes us humans. And, we can’t lose with science on our side! It should ideally be something soothing and gentle rather than death metal. But take it in turns to pick the songs. It’s democratic and will promote communication and bonding in the office.

Get Other People to do the Work

Maybe that heading is a little misleading. Unfortunately, you’re still going to have to do work – sorry if I got your hopes raised. The good news is though there are great ways to cut down on your workload. Outsourcing your computer systems management to specialist expert companies like can save you a whole lot of time and a whole lot of stress. You can spend the free time you’ll have by doing something more important, benefiting you and the company.

Buy an Office Sofa – And Use It

Not enough offices have sofas, don’t you agree? Every office should have one; in fact, they should have two! You can buy one cheaply enough; some people even give their old ones away for free on online sites. A sofa in the office allows every employee to take breaks and have some downtime periodically throughout the working day. It’s true that regular breaks can actually boost productivity. Therefore, the company won’t lose out! You could even buy a coffee machine and place it next to the sofa and create a small social hub for the office. This will not only allow for regular breaks, but also boost morale and communication between employees.


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