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The Friday Facial - Pre-Birthday Prep

By Hayley Adams @hayleybethadams
The Friday Facial - Pre-Birthday Prep
The Friday Facial - Pre-Birthday Prep
So if you follow me on Twitter (@hayleybethadams) you will have seen a hefty load of tweets regarding my excitement for my birthday on Saturday. I'm a right big kid and LOVE birthday's and Christmas'. I'm ridiculously excited to open a cute, gift-wrapped box from Mike - I'm a sucker for pretty things. I'm going out on the Friday night and I really want to have amazing, HYDRATED skin as I know all the goodness will be sucked straight out by Saturday morning, so to accompany this, I'll have a post coming up on all the products that my face will be sluuuurping up.
As you can see, I took advantage of the sunny day and took aaaall my pictures outside for you all to see.
I'm going to be starting the whole shabang with a new product, but one that is pretty much already a holy grail - my REN Micro Polish Cleanser. It's amazing at sloughing off all the dead skin and revealing a glowy, radiant face. Perfect prep for yet another new product, the Lush Dream Steam Steamer Tab. This step is optional, but one I'm excited to do! I've never really steamed my face but after being sold on the essential oils these pack, it seems like the perfect time.
Staying with the glow-boosting theme, I'll be trying out the REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal mask. Claiming to combat congestion, blemish and improve the skin tone, this is EXACTLY what I need. My skin hasn't been on it's best behaviour, so I'm welcoming any congestion buster! Once this is removed, I'll wipe the Clarins Daily Energizer toner over my skin to remove any last traces of dirt before putting on my Origins 10 Minute Mask to rehydrate after the potentially drying REN mask.
I'll slick on a very tiny layer of the uber-hydrating Marula Oil whilst me and Essie Muchi Muchi have a little nail time.
After a few hours of R&R, I'll run a cotton pad of Bioderma over my skin to provide a clean, oil free base so my makeup doesn't slide straight off. I'm not 100% sure which moisturiser I'll be using just yet, but Origins VitaZing, I have my eye on you!
What do you think to my facial?! I'm really looking forward to giving my skin a good ol' pamper! Look out for my hydration boosting facial tomorrow - it will be much needed!
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