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Sk:n Clinics Cleanser and Corrective Cream

By Hayley Adams @hayleybethadams
I know that I won't be the only person that hadn't really heard of Sk:n skincare products. Their massive list of impressive treatments? Yes. Do I still want to try out some of their treatments? Yes. Do I have a voucher code for £25? Well you'll have to read on..
The Vitamin-Rich Cleanser (I chose the normal/combination skin formula, but they do have options for dry/sensitive skin and oily skin) is absolutely lovely for a second cleanse. I did use it to take my make up off once but I find that the product is just too nice to wash straight down the drain with the daily dirt. First up, it smells frickin' incredible! Literally. It sits on the skin long enough for you to get a good covering all over, but then as soon as you start massaging, it really sinks in and starts to get a little tough. I love this because it actually feels like you're getting in there, down and dirty. Add a teeennyy drop of water if it's a little dry and it creates a lovely, rich milk. It's just an incredibly satisfying product to use. So much so that it's sat on my bathroom vanity rather than in my skincare drawers. Now that's saying something. Not a fan of the dispenser though - you have to squeeze it out, so I can see a lot of product being left behind!
The Corrective Anti-Redness Face Cream smells on par with the cleanser, because clearly that is the most important aspect of a skincare product. Unlike most Anti-Redness products, this is NOT green! I repeat NOT GREEN. Finally, it's 2015 and we're beyond the point of having to look like Elphaba if we want to soothe our redness. I am not a color wheel. It's ultra-light formula is almost slightly mattifying which makes it a perfect option for underneath your make up. I prefer to sandwich this in between my oil and moisturiser and use it as a treatment. Does it solve the redness? Honestly, I'm not sure I've ever come across a product that has dramatically reduced or resolved my slight redness, but it certainly hasn't made it worse, and I do feel the need to reach for this every night. So take from that what you will.
So keep this on the low-down, but in the box that the products are housed in comes a little slip of paper. On there is a voucher for a free facial skin analysis, plus £25 off of any treatment at sk:n Clinics. I reckon they're worth it even just for that.

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