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“the Freedom to …”

By Survivingana @survivingana

The freedom to pass by a mirror or window of a shop without critiquing my looks, body shape, or weight. The freedom to focus on health and wellness rather than the size of my jeans or the number on a scale. The freedom to exercise for enjoyment and health rather than by compulsion. Freedom to not participate in fat talk no matter how easy it is to get in the cycle.  And, the freedom to help others who are suffering so that they can find their own freedom and live their life with positive body image, confidence, and passion.

More and more, we self-impose limitations on our worth, our value, our integrity. We let our thoughts and fears keep us from being who we are. We mistakenly believe that what we see around us is real. Some of us battle daily with the chains of obligation and expectations placed upon us by these unattainable ideals. Unfortunately, we learn to imprison our identity by denying ourselves the freedom to just be ourselves.We need to remind ourselves and others that we can free ourselves from doubt, fear, and pain; we can allow ourselves to start living our lives to the fullest, instead of being trapped in self-guilt, denial, and pain.

Our challenge for everyone is to define what freedom would mean for you and the steps that you will need to take to get there. If you are not struggling with an eating disorder, you may still suffer from body image anxiety or concerns over eating that still hamper you from being free.

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Eating Disorders Awareness Week is a week when eating disorder illnesses draw greater attention via the efforts of individuals like YOU! Through intentional activities, conversations and events we can all help create an environment that redefines outdated thinking, reduces the stigma associated with weight, body shape, or size, and inspires someone to reconsider unhealthy attitudes or behaviors. Please join us in our effort to spread awareness about eating disorders and recovery.

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