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The Flying Wedding Ring and the Super Bowl(TM)

By Advsinwtloss @advsinwtloss
There are some times when I think I'm going run out of things to talk about on here. Then, life happens!
So, if you follow me on Twitter you  know what happened to my wedding ring today. Here's more detail. I've mentioned how my office has food available quite often. Well, today we had cookies. I went to get a "fudgie" (only locals will get that, although the Cookie Factory doesn't call them that) and I went to get a paper towel I had in my desk for just such an occasion. It was crumpled so I went to 'flick' it to get it to lie flat. Well, my wedding ring flew off my finger and landed about five feet behind me. I was shocked. I knew my rings were loose. As it is I take my engagement ring off because it's pretty big and it will slide around my finger as I type during the day. I didn't think my rings were loose enough to fly off my finger. Gotta call the jewelry place tomorrow. It's all ready been a long week I'm REALLY looking forward to the weekend, specially Sunday!
This week's WW meeting mainly centered around the Super Bowl (TM). My leader did the cutest thing. She asked if we were going to be a running back and various other football positions and it all ended with the fact we could end up with a tight end. The reason I'm talking about this is the fact that I'm going to a Super Bowl (TM) party on Sunday. I don't really like football. In fact, I hated football until my ex-husband explained it to me. I even kinda enjoyed football for a while there. To this day I'm a baseball and hockey girl. Notice I didn't say football. Even if hubby (he's a baseball guy) and I watch the Super Bowl (TM) for the commercials I still I cheer against the Patriots. My good friend AJ is a HUGE Patriots fan and she's hosting the party with her boyfriend MDP.  She had one last time the Pats were in the Super Bowl (TM)(against the Giants) and we had a blast. So I'm going to the party and I'm saving weeklies. I have 44 out of 49 so far. I understand there will be cupcakes there, made by my friend Laurie, so there's at least 20 points right there. I'm bringing fruit or veggies. Yes, I know, LAME, but hey, it's my backup "just in case" because they are zero points.  I'm also bringing some caffeine free Diet Coke. Really looking forward to it. GO GIANTS!
As a side note: I was going to say that I was thinking about becoming a Pats fan because they're the only Boston team I don't cheer for. Then I realized I forgot about the Bruins. I'm a Canadiens fan. So I'm ok with not cheering for the all of the Boston teams:-p

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